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Brno Association of Folklore Friends


Brno Association of Folklore Friends was founded on October 10, 1989 by representatives of 10 most active folklore ensembles in Brno on Jan Miroslav Krist's initiative.

The main aim of this association was to combine efforts in order to found a new tradition of organizing folklore festivals in Brno.

Today Brno Association of Folklore Friends consists of 14 youth and adult ensembles, 15 children ensembles, 4 music bands and about 30 members-supporters not only from the Czech Republic but also from abroad. The main task of the Association has still been organizing the international folklore festival, but there are also many other activities organized in cooperation with individual ensembles or various groups within the town. The members have an opportunity to share information about getting contacts or cooperate on various folklore activities organized by ensembles, by Institute of Folk Culture in Strážnice, Folklore Association of the Czech Republic, and other regional associations (e.g. competition „Černovice Singer“, tasting cakes etc.)

Brno Association of Folklore Friends is a regular member of the Czech section C.I.O.F.F. and closely cooperates with Brno Municipal Authorities and with authorities of individual municipal parts.

Also the children section is very active, it contributes to the Association´s activities by regular events organized by the section itself or in cooperation with other organizations, e.g. regular show of children ensembles, programme called „From Children to Children“ or „Jundrov Apple“.


Sdruzeni pratel folkloru v Brne
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